Martha has been designing all her life, but with the launch of her 2009 footwear collections, she makes her first foray into fashion. “I have always loved fashion, but never had the guts to do it. The constant pace at which you have to design and design and design was incredibly intimidating.”

With an award- winning, fifteen year career in industrial design as a foundation, Davis was finally ready to make the leap. Footwear was perfect, combining the challenge of fairly complex functionality with amazing sculptural possibilities. “I could leverage years of product design experience and have the chance to play with new ideas.”

“I think of shoes as little products or architecture for the feet—both share similar purpose of protection, organization and personality,” says the designer. Used to looking for solutions within a problem, she never loses sight of ways to keep the foot secure and the wearer confident, while at the same time innovating with form and experimenting with structure and materials. “I look at where the foot needs to be supported and where it does not, then how the materials and shapes can be arranged in an interesting way.” Cut-outs and overlaps, hidden or indented heels are evidence of this thoughtfulness. “I like a bit of tension—something unexpected—whether its in the proportions, composition or materials.” says Davis. “What happens when you change the rules?”